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Digital Market Research


Are you looking for new approaches to assess and to address your customers?

Face-based video analysis opens up new opportunities in market research. The rather coarse information about number and frequency of visitors that is currently available can now be enriched by Videmo's face analysis with interesing new features, such as statistics about the gender and age of customers. The fully automatic video analysis preserves the customers' privacy and yet delivers truly relevant information to plan and to evaluate advertising measures. The real-time analysis can also be used to adapt digital signage content to the current viewers, increasing both efficiency and attractiveness of the display.

With the PeopleStats software Videmo offers a successfully tested and powerful tool for the acquisition of anonymous customer statistics. Using standard video cameras at entrance doors and other strategic positions, or miniature cameras on digital signage, our software can do the following for you:

  • Generating statistics about gender, age and viewing duration
  • Dynamic content switching depending on the current group of viewers
  • Measuring the effect of digital signage by counting the number of viewers, for each displayed content individually

Videmo also offer its expertise for related areas, like customer-specific statistic formats, interfaces to existing systems, development of integrated digital-signage products, etc.